Top surgery – one day after

This is going to be relatively short because I’m on my phone and hopped up on painkillers.

I got to the surgery center after a minor hiccup with my ride, which turned out fine anyway. Pre-op stuff took a while because of various small
issues, and I spent longer than I would have liked with two fellows plus the surgeon staring at my tits while they marked them up for surgery. On the plus side, the surgeon is really well spoken and serious about helping the trans community and wanted the fellows to be the same, so that’s really encouraging. If you’re in the PNW, I can’t recommend him enough. His name is Antonio Mangubat, and his office is in Tukwila, WA, just outside Seattle.

Anyway, I got into the OR around 8:30. Surgery took a little longer than expected because of a large mammary gland in one of my breasts, plus that same one was bigger than the other. I had a really hard time waking up and was in a lot of discomfort. I only kind of remember getting home.

The first day/night was really rough. I was in a ton of pain and discomfort, not just from the surgery but nausea and the really uncomfortable inability to burp, which made the nausea worse. I slept through most of it but had to throw up a few times, plus every time I got up to pee, I was severely nauseated. I couldn’t keep anything down until my good friend brought me some Pedialyte and crackers, which has been my diet since. Tiger has been taking wonderful care of me even though I’m more or less an invalid who needs something at least once every couple of hours.

This morning I felt better and even sat up on my own. The pain is still kind of shitty, especially under my armpits, which burns like a motherfucker. On the bright side, Dr. Mangubat uses soft drains that don’t require measuring what comes out, though I’m all wrapped up in what amount to puppy pads to catch the stuff. Slightly gross but better than having grenades strapped to my chest. Hopefully I’m getting the drains out tomorrow at post-op appointment #1.

Everything hurts a bit more than I thought it would, but the worst parts were actually the no-burp discomfort and the nausea plus a wicked caffeine headache, which not even oxycodone can cure. Apparently I’m supposed to drink coffee to avoid the headaches, so that’s a plus, though it’s rough on my stomach.

My goal for today was to hold down food, and I’ve succeeded in doing that. Tomorrow I hope to be able to walk around the house a little. I’m getting stiff and restless at not being able to get up and around when I want to.


5 thoughts on “Top surgery – one day after

  1. Glad it is over. Sorry to hear about your nausea and pain. Seems to differ from person to person. I had no nausea or pain. The pain (mild) only came after a week. Holding thumbs for you that things will look up soon. Take care.


    1. Thanks. What kind of incision did you have? Mine was the double incision because of the size of my breasts, and it involved liposuction, which I’m sure contributed to the pain factor.


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