Top surgery – two days after

Pain is much better today, as is overall discomfort. Had my post-op visit today to get the drains removed, which was super gross (sorry to my poor partner for having to witness) but not painful. Dr. Mangubat gave me a flexible drain instead of the grenade kind you have to measure, so that made it easier. 

Looking pretty gnarly up in here, though the doctors say I’m healing very well. I have a lovely hematoma under my right arm that’s especially charming, but the stitches don’t look nearly as gross as I thought they would. I go back next Wednesday to get the nipple stents removed. In the meantime, I can shower if I want to, but I don’t get feel comfortable standing in the bathtub long enough to do it. Sponge baths for me until I’m not woozy from oxycodone.

I still don’t feel like eating much, but I’m able to drink as much water as I want without tempting fate. I can get up and down and walk around the house by myself, which is great, and I no longer always feel like a slug who keeps falling asleep before the Law & Order episode is over. Still very tired, but as the painkillers don’t leave me any choice about whether to fall asleep or not, I’m just napping a whole lot. Goal for the next couple of days: sleep through the night. 

Next time I take off the binder, I’ll take pictures, but trust me when I say you don’t want to see this shit right now.


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