Guest Post: Internal Identity vs Social Perception vs Feminism

I know, this is post #3 for the day, but it articulates a lot of my fears and thoughts about transmasculinity vs. feminism and gender roles. I’m really glad to find someone else who feels the same way.

Please Excuse My Vagina

Why hello there!

My name’s Eli, and I’m the dude behind My Life Without Tits. Sophia asked for a guest blogger, and so here I am.  I won’t bother you with a run-down of who I am, but if you’re interested you can find my public bio here.

Sophia has been so kind as to give me carte blanche when it comes to topics for this post.  I went back and forth, considering some of my favorites, Chicago (my home), poetry (my livelong passion), trans stuff (for obvious reasons), and 90s music (I was in my teens and twenties then, and so have many fond memories of growing up with that music).

But ultimately, I came to rest on the topic of feminism and the trans man, as it is plainly of interest to me, and presumably of interest to you.  So let’s dig in!

I was at…

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