Top surgery – three weeks after

Mostly a physical update today. For those of you wondering, I’ll be getting back to Gillian Key within the next day or so.

Slowly, my mood is improving. Still not feeling happy awesome, but I’m less actively sad, which I’ll take. I’m trying to shift my sleep schedule a little earlier than it has been, since school/work starts on the 22nd, and next week I have some faculty stuff. So far it’s been kind of a struggle, and my body is resisting my attempts at regulating when it rests and how long. Normally, my sleep schedule isn’t much of a problem, but it’s been fucked since surgery. 

My range of motion has improved substantially since last week, and the bruising is a lot better as well. The scabs are slowly starting to feel not so stiff. The area between my collarbone and my incisions is still hypersensitive, though. Wearing a shirt stings sometimes and wearing a seatbelt feels like being punched repeatedly in the chest. I’m starting to realize what a difference all that boob fat made to the sensations I have in my chest. There’s nothing to pad, say, something bumping into my chest when I’m carrying it or a cat walking on my chest. I keep wondering if my chest is swollen, and then I realize I’m probably just feeling muscles I haven’t felt since I started growing tits at eleven or twelve.

photo (1)
This one in particular doesn’t walk so much as he stomps like a runway model.

I’ve also discovered I can’t wear most of my favorite t-shirts anymore, because they’re cut for people with tits and they hang on me weird now. Since I tend to wear v-neck, the neck ends up being very low, like low enough to show the incisions if I’m leaning forward. Looking forward to buying new clothes, though now I’m not sure how to dress my flat chest and big ass.

Here’s where TMI begins.



I realized I didn’t post a photo last week, but I’ll skip it in favor of this week. When everything is more or less healed, I’ll post a week-by-week timeline.



I had some concerns about my nipples, which are both shedding yellow gunk, and there’s some redness around the incisions on the right, which you can see here. The scabs are really really thick and starting to flake off, but sometimes they come off too soon. The bandage under my right arm is where one of the scabs came loose and the wound opened a little. The right side is the one that’s the most uncomfortable. I have a feeling the scabs have wound up around the dissolving stitches, so they’re thick enough to rub against my arm and get really irritated.

I asked the doctor about the yellow gunk and the opened scab, and he said there’s no big cause for concern. I’ll see him on Monday and he’ll look at it all then. You can see from the photo that my nipples are looking okay-ish. The right one is better than the left, which is, in my eyes, extra super gross. The skin around the left one is exceptionally hypersensitive, such that taking off the (not very sticky) medical tape that holds the nipple pads down and putting the tape back on stings like a motherfucker. The hematoma on the right side is mostly gone, and the bruises on my ribcage and the underside of my arm, which you can see clearly here, are fading. I bruise really vividly and they take a long time to heal, so I don’t expect that bruise to be gone for another few weeks. Considering it looked almost black right after surgery, though, it’s a substantial improvement. The yellowness is finally starting to fade from the pec area, and the goddamn Sharpie marks are fading too. 

I noticed today that my posture still looks like I’m carrying around a lot of tits, so that’s something to work on. I might see if I can talk my GP into prescribing me some physical therapy to get my range of motion and posture into shape once I’m allowed to exercise. I can’t wait until I can lift things and exercise a little.

That’s all for now. I would really like to feel normal again now, thank you.


2 thoughts on “Top surgery – three weeks after

  1. You are getting there. Just think of the long road to be where you are and you realize how relative time is. I’m 3 months post top surgery and with the wonderful power of the mind, 3 weeks post is a vague memory. You will get there too, soon. And cats and dogs don’t notice the size of your ass, just your heart. And there is nothing wrong with either of yours. I’ll beat you pants down in an ass-size competition! 😉 Take care.


    1. Thanks, Kris, this made me smile. 😉 I’m sure I’ll get back to normal soon. I get really impatient when I’m limited in what I can do and when I’m constantly uncomfortable, but I know it won’t last forever. Thanks for the kind words.


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