Top surgery – one (calendar) month after

This last week (or so) has been a significant improvement over the last few. Despite having a busy week with faculty development ahead of school starting on Monday, I got through only a little more exhausted than I normally would be. The scabs are almost all gone, but a lot of the sensitivity and skin tightness remains. My range of motion is also sub-optimal. My GP agreed that physical therapy would help, so I’ll be starting that relatively soon. I know it will go away with time, but I’m impatient and I would like to be able to reach things on the top shelf without doing an awkward hop. I’m not short, but I feel like I have T-rex arms.

The spikes of nerve pain are less frequent, but the random itching is still there and is even more distracting than the pain. At the end of the day, I still have some swelling, especially under my arms, and some discomfort around the scars. When looking at my chest the other day, I was dismayed to find that although previously my left breast was noticeably larger, the right side of my chest was now larger.

…and then I realized I’m right-handed. The chest incisions followed my pec muscles exactly, so OF COURSE my right side looks bigger. Derp. I guess I’ll need to work my left side a little more as I get back into weight bearing exercise.

breathren, dost thou even hoist?

Anyway, so here’s an update picture.

photo (4)

See? Scabs are almost gone, except a little on the nipple grafts, which I’m trying not to mess with too much. That dark spot on my right arm is what remains of an epic bruise from surgery. There’s a little more redness around my ribs on the same side from the liposuction that’s almost gone, too.

Today I bought a bunch of new clothes. It was a huge surprise to be buying smalls (in men’s) as opposed to a large or extra large in women’s to accommodate tits. I spent an obscene amount of money on clothes, but it was something I’ve been needing to do for a long time, and I’m actually happy to put clothes on my body now, which is an entirely new experience.

That’s it for now. I have some thoughts percolating about other issues, but that will have to wait until my head isn’t crammed full of “holy fuck school starts on Monday and my shit isn’t ready” thoughts.


7 thoughts on “Top surgery – one (calendar) month after

  1. Having recently spent an obscene amount of money on clothes recently myself (for different reasons), I understand how important it is to feel good in what you wear. It makes such a difference, and I’m glad you found things that work for you. =)


  2. I’m super happy you went to Dr. Mangubat. He’s such a great doctor, and I’m glad you’re pleased with your results too! At six weeks out you’re past the worst of it. Hope you’re feeling good and getting your energy back.


    1. Thanks. I really think it helped a lot to have a pic of someone (I think) not on T when they went into surgery. Not a lot of those around. Again, I really appreciate you posting those…


    2. Oops. I just realized as I replied to your comment that my original post went up with my full name – I think that was autofill I didnt really mean to post my full name… Any chance that you are able to edit that or delete? Just for the sake of it not coming up forever anytime someone googles my name lol. Not a huge deal if you can’t but you know…


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